17 Y 18 April 2021


Basamos el reglamento de la Pirineu Girona Challenge en el reglamento específico de la marchas cicloturistas que establece la Federació Catalana de Ciclisme.




Article 1

Es tracte d’una marxa cicloturista de dues etapes , called PIRINEU GIRONA CHALLENGE non-competitive.

The start will be in the town of SARRIÀ DE TER (Girona) the day 17 d’abril del 20121 them 9:00 hours from the sports area.

Dorsal collection will be at:
Friday day 16 d’abril a partir de les 18:30h at 20:30h BiciEscapa Girona
dissabte 17 April of 07:00 a 8:45h Restaurant la Cooperativa
The bib must be worn in a visible place.

Article 2

L’organització de PIRINEU GIRONACHALLENGE corresponde únicamente al Club Ciclista Sarrià de Ter de la provincia de Girona. registered in the registry of sports entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Article 3

It is not a competition.

Participants will carry a chip as a safety measure to have control of their passage through the finish line. The results of this period are merely informative. It is a non-competitive cycling event where all participants must comply with traffic regulations..

Article 4

This is a cycling tour – bikeway, the routes of the march will NOT be closed to traffic, So, ALL participants are required to comply with road traffic rules, being solely responsible for any infractions they may commit. It will also serve as a mandatory compliance and obey the instructions of them law enforcement officers and members of the organization duly identified. As well as the obligation to use the helmet shield. In this sense the right lane of the direction of travel can only be.

Article 5

For the safety of all, the beginning and the end of the “cycling caravan”. Sota cap concepte s’ha de avançar al vehicle senyalitzat amb la bandera vermella que marca l’inici del grup. In the same way as at the time the vehicle carrying the green flag forward to any participant, This will automatically out of the mentioned security capsule, to be able to continue its march with total normality, but bearing in mind that it is under its responsibility to monitor and comply with traffic (something that shouldn’t be at any point, even inside the safety capsule).

Article 6

The organization will have 4 refreshments, in the first stage i 3 in the second stage. All of them except the first of the first stage will be liquid and solid. Be located in:


• 1st Provisioning: Basket

• 2nd Provisioning: carpet

• 3rd Provisioning: Prats de Molló

• 4th Provisioning / Dinar: Camprodon


• 1st Provisioning:Olot Volcanic Zone

• 2nd Provisioning: Santa Maria de Porqueres

• 3rd Provisioning / dinar: SARRIÀ DE TER

The organization reserves the right to refuse admission and collection·location of such soda by force majeure, notice in advance of departure, of the new col·location of the same.

Article 7

To achieve greater equity, all those people who for any other reason or need to take the cars or using any other non-sporting ploy, they will be declassified.

Article 8

The organization appeals to all participants, colleagues and followers, to cooperate in the preservation of the environment. Both during the tour, as in meeting and resting points, It will also include containers for waste disposal. A participant who is detected throwing envelopes, plastics, etc.. It was organized for this purpose purpose containers, or voluntarily attacking the natural heritage will be immediately expelled from the march and reported by the organization to the competent authorities.

Article 9

Registrations will close once they are filled 200 places available or Friday day 19 de març a les 10:00 hours. A record is effective, This will be accompanied by the corresponding proof of payment, otherwise, declares null.

Article 10

As it is a cycling tour – large-scale non-competitive cycling, the Qualifiers Award will not be awarded.

Just by signing up, the organization will give each participant a gift valued at about 79 EUR, in addition to being entitled to refreshments during the march and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Registrations made before the 12 de febrer tenen assegurada la talla de samarreta. or gift that is designated. Registrations after this date are not guaranteed 100% the selected size.

Article 11

All participants in both stages with the registration price will have the following.

• 3 liquid provisioning / solid first stage + 1 net

• Final lunch First stage

• 2 liquid / solid provisioning – Second stage

• second stage to final food


• Mechanical assistance on the road

• Medical assistance

• Luggage transport

• Vehicle Assistance

• Shower service

• Wellcome Paquet

Article 12

Els participants en la marxa cicloturista PIRINEU GIRONA CHALLENGE “, will be covered by the appropriate insurance

Article 13

The Sarrià de Ter Cycling Club, as an organizer, more corporate sponsors of the event, they are not responsible for accidents in which it could be the cause or participation of victim cyclists, nor of expenses, debts or damages that could col·lapse while walking.

Article 14

Once registration has been formalized, each participant accepts these particular Regulations in their entirety.

Article 15

The organization reserves the right to cancel·test if a minimum of 150 participants.

Article 16

returns. The organization will not assume any responsibility or refund the registration fee in the face of climatic conditions or force majeure causes not attributable to the organization that prevent the celebration of the cycling tour safely.

The registration fee will only be refunded in the following case:

  • Full refund less management fees: Only people who take out cancellation insurance·by using the registration form for an amount of 20 € will be entitled to a refund of the registration less management fees amounting to 35 €. This insurance cancels·is valid until 10 of May, from this date the cancellation insurance·lation loses its validity.
  • The participant who cancels·you will not receive your jersey or do not attend the delivery of bibs, which is exclusive to participants.
  • Name changes have an additional cost of 20 €, and may be performed up to 13 of September. In no case will it be possible to change the size and model of the jersey.

This information is subject to change. Check the date of departure




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