Gran Cadi Challenge

413.0 km 8.540 m 8.540 m 26 h

Day 1: Guardiola de Berguedà – Prulláns

114.0 km 2.320 m 1.950 m 7h 10 me

The first stage is an opportunity to make a test of your fitness. You'll collector as ports “Collada sovereignty” as well as the mythical “Creueta” which you will take you to 1.912m with a view of the Berguedà and Cerdanya incredible. The general trend will be very busy roads and very little aesthetic. The first supplies will do in the village of Castellar de N'hug, with its cobblestones so characteristic and the second at the same “Neck creuta”. Our hotel is in Prullans where you can enjoy the pool and spa area, with an outside jacuzzi with excellent views of the Sierra del Cadi Moixeró.

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Day 2: Prulláns – Organyà

118.0 km 1.900 m 2.460 m 7h 20min

The second stage is varied, It begins with photogenic climb to the village of Lles de Cerdanya, You can not help but put the foot down to contemplate the beauty of liugar in pirmeras hour. We descend to the main road and circulate through it protected by the support van to the village of Alàs. Here we enter a very quiet area. and at the same time quite demanding. almost he forced the viewpoint of the latch stop to see some peculiar geological formations. A very attractive to Cornellana down by a little-known wild stretch. We propose an unprecedented link from Coll de Arnat to Montant de Tost a 5km stretch of land ciclable (Ideal cover 25mm. 1km climb and 4 down with moderate slope). We'll finish with a brutal drop in zigzags to incorporate us back to the N260 which will circulate durnate protected 2km to our hotel where we expect a superb dining experience.

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Day 3: Organyà – Gósol

96.0 km 2.250 m 1.770 m 6 h 15 me

The third stage is actually a stage collector and demanding on slope. Circulate through valleys unfamiliar with Alinyà with views of the Rock of Canalda which will form part of the landscape through short tunnels and large limestone walls accompany us crown the “Coll de Jou”. From here we can see a suggestive formations Vall de Llord while we enjoy a complete equipment. We continue along a gentle stretch in your home that borders the slopes of the ski resort of Port del Compte and goes back to the “Coll de Port”; short but demanding in its final stretch. We passed through the charming village of Tuixent and gently go back to our hotel located in Gósol. A day to frame !!!

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Day 4: Gósol – Guardiola de Berguedà

85.0 km 1.670 m 2.360 m 5 h 10 me

last day, less demanding than the previous despite making one of the mythical mountain in the Pyrenees for its softer side “the Pradell” with a descent with 25% dependent. We will surprise the short but demanding climb to Coll de Fumanya, where there are visible remains of the Palaeolithic while we are pedaling … there will only find the strength to lift his head … The descent to San Corneli surprise us at every turn testing the condition of the brakes. Change of county and we enter Catllaràs, the bicycle Hawaii … Bordering the swamp of Baells and pedaleraremos by road literally hidden in a wild natural environment. We arrived at La Pobla de Llillet where we descend back to Guardiola de Berguedà where we expect the final meal cruise with swimming pool

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