This action that we propose is really simple and very showy. Just find yourself a bike from before, …You think that's crazy task, Well, no, It is really easy to get hold of a. Just ask; your neighbor, Bicycle workshop lifelong, send a what's up your groups, … you'll be surprised with the response. They are touring bikes is not having more years than you, just that there are a lot of old. Once you have, the rest is cut and paste. You must cut the bike frame and the front wheel for his half. This will create or inhospitable effect on a wall. The picture can decorate with a basket and so can put seasonal flowers… cyclist really a very retro touch at home, garden or why not an urbanized area that need some color and joy. The method to anchor it to the wall depends largely on the type of wall, but the simplest is a pair of clamps. With little weight it is enough to bear. Health

and pedals